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New Installations

We use new 3/4" nail-in refinishable wood and install in any room. Types of wood can be anywhere from Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Hickory, Maple or Bamboo. There are hundreds of different applications for the various types of construction. Traditionally, the hardwood floors are nailed into a 3/4" plywood that is attached to either your concrete slab or conventional foundation. A conventional foundation is typically found in older or historic homes that have a crawlspace. In these applications, the 3/4" plywood subfloor is nailed directly to the existing wood foundation. New wood floor install.

Hardwood Installation

This process is where the wood floor is sanded in several different steps and methodically prepared for a finish coat of stain and polyurethane. Equipment used during this process is a Drum sander, Buffer, Edger and several types of hand sanders and hand tools. This is the traditional method of refinishing an existing or new hardwood floor. Its our experience anything other then a full sand and refinish never meets expectaions of customers. wood floor refinishing.

Water Damage & Stain Repair

Water damage is where the wood has been exposed to moisture to a point that is begins to curl, cup, and discolor. It creates an uneven surface that becomes unsightly, and can lead to a tripping hazard. Another concern if water is not properly removed and dehumidified, is that it can potentially become a heath hazard with mold that you can't see unless the wood floor is torn completely out and replaced. damaged wood floor.

We also offer Custom Tile installation too!